Rip-It Prototype BBCOR Air Baseball Bat- 30/33

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The Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bats were designed to swing faster than any bat in the history of BBCOR.

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Prototype AIR. Shifting weight and perceptions.

The Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bats were designed to swing faster than any bat in the history of BBCOR. As a result, the new line of Prototype AIR BBCOR bats give you the best bat control, the most bat speed, and a performance never before achieved in the BBCOR era. They quite simply are the smartest, most innovative, and best BBCOR bats ever.

AIR technology. Rifle barrel makes it really really fast.

Everything you hope to achieve at the plate starts with a swing. And when a barrel is designed to make that swing faster and more controlled, your entire hitting experience is better. This is why the technology behind the Rifle barrel on the new Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bat is a real game changer. Finally, you can swing BBCOR bats with a lower MOI, increased bat speed, and incredible control. All of which means better contact and more distance on every hit.

The fastest barrel ever on a BBCOR baseball bat.

In order to create high performance BBCOR bats with a lower MOI, we had to design the barrel in a completely new way. We had to figure out a way to remove weight from the barrel without reducing the overall wall thickness of the bat. The engineers at RIP-IT came up with an ingenious solution to the problem, Rifle barrel technology. By creating spiral grooves in the barrel of the new Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bat, they were able to intelligently shift weight in a way never before achieved in the BBCOR bat era. As a result, overall wall thickness remained the same, and the MOI was shifted lower than previously thought possible. It is a technological breakthrough that gives you everything you always wanted in BBCOR certified bats.

Wider sweet spot.

In addition to Rifle barrel technology, the new Acoustic barrel has created incredible advancements in the barrel performance of BBCOR baseball bats. With a sweet spot that is noticeably larger than the Prototype II, these new BBCOR baseball bats are simply amazing to hit with.

Turn poor contact into singles.

If you want to generate more hits from poor contact, the Acoustic barrel on the Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bat will help you do it. This is because these BBCOR baseball bats feature a limited drop off in exit speed when contact is made outside the sweet spot. This limited drop off can be the difference between a hit through the gap or a routine grounder to second.

Acoustic Barrel. Tuned for speed.
The new Acoustic AIR barrel is the most advanced barrel ever designed for BBCOR baseball bats. Its combination of power and speed means it is our best BBCOR bat yet, and means you will hit better than ever before.

R1. Strong enough for innovation.

The Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bats are made from our revolutionary R1 alloy.
This alloy allows us to produce the walls of the Acoustic barrel stronger than was previously possible with the Prototype II.

As a result, we are able to apply Rifle barrel technology to the bat while also maintaining the highest level of structural integrity and durability. The rifle barrel design transforms the entire hitting experience. Swings are faster, hits are more powerful, and your performance is beyond what you thought was possible.

Contact grip. Control, comfort, durability.

When you add the Contact grip to the Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bat you literally have the most advanced BBCOR bat ever created. The excellent grip, incredible vibration elimination, and extreme durability means this grip helps you perform at your best on every hit.

The Prototype AIR BBCOR baseball bats were designed so all parts work towards eliminating vibration. This vibration elimination is achieved because vibration flows from the Acoustic barrel, down the taper, and into the Contact grip in a way that eliminates the vibration frequencies that cause discomfort. The Contact grip provides a level of comfort that is second to none.

Designed for performance.

From the endcap to the knob, every part of these BBCOR AIR Baseball bats were designed for performance.
Built with the latest technology, the new BBCOR AIR bat lets you make contact like never before.
The Prototype BBCOR AIR will take your game to the next level.

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