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Great product at great price

Hold up fantastic in wash. Same quality as all other brands at half the price..
September 21, 2017

Core Hockey Shirt

I recently purchased a Core Hockey Shirt for both my boys and LOVE IT! The fabric is wonderful and there are so many details that make this just a great shirt, the Kevlar on the wrist that extends down to the glove is great as well as the patches where elbow pads need to ‘stick’. Great buy. Thank you.
September 21, 2017

Great Equipment

I have been using the Shock Doctor 363 Core Hockey Pant for about 7 months now. With the bio-flex cup, snug but not restrictive fit, and excellent construction material, these core hockey pants are very comfortable. They eliminate chafe and wick sweat away with a good cooling effect. The hook & loop flaps hold hockey socks very well, and eliminate the need for a garter. They are very easy to clean and they dry rapidly. I had one negative issue in that the stretch stitching wore out where it holds the waist band to the lower garment. It could be that wearing and washing the pants twice weekly just wore out the stitching — simple explanation, since they appear to be quality made. I would recommend hand washing and air dry. I now have two pair, to rotate at tournaments to allow each pair to dry between use

September 21, 2017

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